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Aphile Communications and Stakeholder Managers

APHILE COMMUNICATIONS AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGERS (Pty) Ltd is a Level One BBBEE and 100% Black-owned Company established in 2012 by Dr Mthembeni Tebelele who is a Medical doctor and Leadership Specialist with MBA (Leadership) from the University of Liverpool. Dr Tebelele who is the CEO has two decades of experience in both public and private health sector, a Life Coach-Mentor who has already impacted and changed many lives and a passionate Public Speaker for all seasons.

Aphile’s core business and key interests lie in confronting and undoing myths and stereotypes in various aspects of our daily lives through Leadership and Management Facilitation talks and seminars.

These include: open-communication and empowerment on Sexual-health, wellness-wellbeing, Practical, Tailored Employment Assistance Programs, individual and group Healthy lifestyles seminars and coaching. Team building with Personality Temperaments, Conflict Resolution, Stakeholder Management are our built-in strengths in planting value to employees as an assert to realization of organizational vision. We integrate company strategy and vision with wellness and wellbeing of employees as an asset to all companies.

Business Creed

APHILE is a Xhosa word which means “Bringing Life” – in essence, our company is dedicated to ensuring that we bring life in whatever business we are engaged in.  We use the six letters that makes up Aphile to mean the following as our business promise and foundation statement:

We act ethically by always attaining an agreement with a statement or proposal to do something.
A – Acquiescence
We will always value communities and their well-being in every project that we do.
P – People First
We will always align to a harmonious state of things in general and ensure smooth running of operations.
H – Harmony
Intuition will never guide our processes but will help in acting pro-actively through our professional conduct.
I – Intuition
We will always portray professional leadership through our conduct and engagements.
L – Leadership
We will strive for excellence in everything we do.
E – Excellence